Frequently Asked Questions

Before you sign up, please read

Before you sign up, there are a few qualifications to consider to determine if credit restoration is right for you. Everyone begins with the initial consultation, where we will hear about your credit goals and asses how we may be able to help you achieve them! From there, for qualifying clients, the below requirements must be maintainted. If you are unable to commit to the following, unfortunately our program may not be right for you at this current time. However, we look forward to serving you in the near future! REQUIREMENTS- Clients are required to have the following: 1.) Monthly credit monitoring from our preferred provider at an additional monthly cost of $24.95 2.) Documents: Choose (2) address verification documents: utility bills, bank statements or insurance statement Choose (1) name verification document: driver’s license, government issued ID, passport or state issued ID Choose (1) identity verification document: copy of social security card, w2 or 1099 3.) Access to digital communication- clients must have scan or photo capabilities, as they are required to forward dispute results to their credit partner during this process. We encourage you to download a free scan app if necessary. 4.) Onboarding tasks which includes submitting the above documents. Generally, onboarding tasks take about 10 minutes to complete. INELIGIBLE- if the following apply: 1.) If you are currently in an active bankruptcy 2.) If you are currently 90 days past due on your bills 3.) If you are currently being sued on a debt

Enrollment, FREE Consultation Call:

Start with booking your FREE consultation call. Upon completion of your call you may have the option to enroll in our credit repair program so long as you meet the requirements.

Dispute Letters Mailed Out:

Based on what has been discussed during your 1:1 credit report audit call, your credit partner will strategically personalize your dispute letters and mail them to the desired destination, either the credit bureaus, creditor or collection agency. As Board Certified Credit Consultants, we dispute accounts based off of their inaccuracy, untimely or unverifiable reporting. Remember, information on your credit report must be 100% accurate, verifiable and timely.

Results are Received:

The responding party, either the credit bureaus, creditor or collection agency has 30-45 days from the date of receipt of our dispute letter to provide you with their results from their completed investigation. Upon receiving the results of the dispute, you are required to foward a scanned clear and full copy of the correspondence. Again, we highly recommend downloading free tools to enable you to scan these required documents to us. Consider these scan apps: available in Google Play & App Store HP Smart Office Lens Mobile Scan App

Monthly Review:

Results are in! It's time to review your monthly credit report and update it accordingly. If results are not verifiable or accurate we will escalate the process with another round of disputes. Based on the outcome of our dispute investigation results, you may see improvement in your credit profile, which may have positively affected your credit score. Please note, there is no guarantee that you will have a specific credit score increase within a specific amount of time. Results may vary.


The Initial Free Consultation is the inital service, similar to a clarity call. A Credit Partner will assess if you are in the position to begin the credit repair journey! The New Beginning's Credit Program is for qualifying clients who have completed the FREE consultation, AND initial 1:1 credit report audit call with a Credit Partner. **Please note, anyone may complete the FREE consultation call however, not everyone will qualify for the program. See "Before you sign up, please read" to review program elgibility requirements.

1:1 Credit Report Audit Call

After you complete your FREE consultation call,qualifying clients will then schedule their 1:1 credit report audit: During your scheduled 1:1 credit report audit your credit partner will contact you. Please allocate 45 minutes for this call, it’s best if you are able to access your credit report and follow along. During this time, your credit partner will thoroughly walk you through your report line by line, working with you to discover any errors or inaccuracies. You will be provided a comprehensive report, credit building plan and dispute action plan.