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Who we are

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Día Feliz Kids Shop is a family-owned online store based in Irvine, California. My name is Irina – I’m the founder and the driving force of the shop. I’m 38 years old. I’m a mom and wife, dreaming to make this world a better place. The technical side of the business is on my husband, Nick. And the endless source of inspiration and motivation are our extremely active and curious kids, Alice 7 y.o. and Michael 5 y.o.

Why is “Día Feliz”?  Día Feliz means “Happy Day” in Spanish language. When we came up with the idea of opening a wooden toy store, we lived in San José, California. The city, being currently the heart of the Silicone Valley, was founded by José Joaquin Moraga three centuries ago as a Spanish farming community. Nowadays, once you are in the Downtown of San José, you still may see and feel the Spanish heritage in every detail of the city architecture. Thus, the local atmosphere, positive touch of these two words and, to some extent, coincidence helped us choose this name 😊

Unlike the name of the store, we’ve spent much time on our logo. For us, Air Balloon is a symbol of happy and carefree childhood, full of new discoveries and adventures. So, I really hope that our toys will help make this journey especially exciting!

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